It is normal to ask the difference between Website Designing and Website Development.  Yes, there are many.  Website designing is what people see and Website development is the underlying things that we do to make it possible.  Consider a movie, we see many artists performing on the screen, but that itself can not be called a movie.  There are many other things that make a complete movie called the script, music, camera direction, etc.  Like that website also have some background activity called development and that is the core thing. Web development is applicable when you need to have more interaction with your online customers.

Consider you would like to collect the information from your visitors or make them do a quote request or allow them to contact you via online pages, all these things come under Website development.  Hence Website development sometimes is as important as Website designing.  A website is complete when these two things work together.

PorAt Beesminds we have strong and efficient developers who can do anything for you.    We make fun of them saying those guys can make an apartment using their software development skills or even build a bridge.  They are as strong as it.  That is the confidence Beesminds have in our developers.  Unbelievable?  Visit our Portfolio.

Web Development is categorized into many branches listing them below: