All of here at Beesminds started their career in and around at the 2005’s.  Then we worked for many companies in and around the country.  We met with people who have different needs demands and expectations. One fine a day we guys met somewhere, and we were having the same mentality at that time to start a venture of our own.  We take into consideration many business ideas.  One of them asked why not searching for a business, all the resources to start an IT company is available here.  Thus Beesminds Software Solutions formed.

We want to be different. How can an IT company be different was the question? That leads us to the thought customer-centric development process.  Which means when we do business we include our client as part of our team.  Be one of us.  Open to ideas, suggestions and involve in arguments and fights to finally reach in a perfect solution.  Yes, we are different and we will be.

Even though we started to work as a group since 2012, the company officially registered in 2019.  But that does not reduce our experience and approach.  We welcome you to join our team.